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Hybrid working solutions

The recent pandemic has increased employee demand for flexible working practices, although hybrid working isn't feasible for all businesses, many management teams who can support the scheme remain sceptical about the arrangements of the hybrid option. However, incorporating this into a workplace can improve work-life balance, boost motivation and productivity, and contribute to driving innovation and growth.

The growing amount of workers returning to the office is forcing companies to review their entire workplace strategy. Balancing the costs of the remote workplace against the benefits of having employees altogether doesn't always weigh up, some employees may yearn for a greater sense of belonging and of feeling appreciated. Finding the level ground between hybrid working and stronger inclusion will work but will require employers, to listen, coach, and to think of flexibility not as an endpoint but as some evolving expectations, with adjustments for employees.

The effectiveness of the hybrid work model

Employers are encouraging their teams to return to the office and many employees want the same, but not all the time. The nine-to-five, in the office, seems to be a thing of the past. Many workers' wishes are for the flexibility of the hybrid model to work remotely for some days of the week. 

Some businesses remain sceptical about how effective hybrid working really is. A reasonable amount said they require employees to be back in the office on a permanent basis, to maintain workplace productivity. 

Flexible work practices, including home working, have been an option for some time now but became essential during the recent pandemic. The scepticism around skiving and the stigma often attached to those with alternative work patterns are rarely mentioned now. Businesses have learned how to effectively lead and manage their remote teams. Technology has also advanced so supporting flexible working has become much easier.

For businesses that are struggling to adapt to the new hybrid way of working, Aston & James can be a part of the solution, we understand the needs of what makes a successful hybrid worker and how to implement this. Companies now need to focus on how to embrace these changes and take advantage of the options available. When hybrid working is implemented appropriately in the right workplace, with the right strategy, this can deliver multiple benefits, including work-life balance for employees, and higher levels of motivation and productivity. 

The types of hybrid workers

Recent **research identified three specific types of hybrid workers who emerged post-pandemic all with different environments & needs, so we're here to help you with all your workplace solutions, wherever you choose to work...

1. Home Office Hideaway - Is your home office fully equipped?

For those fortunate enough to have their own home
office, whatever their needs, we have the Home Office Hideaway covered:

Business consumables – Note pads, stationery, printer cartridges
Ergonomics – Workstation assessment, mousepads, wrist rests, back supports
GDPR - – Personal shredder, scanner
Organisation – Planners, noticeboards
Environment – Fans, heaters, air purifiers, lighting

2. Dining Room Tenancy - Has your home become your office?

Many workers use their dining room or kitchen tables, leaving them vulnerable to distractions. For
workers using a Dining Room Tenancy we have all your needs covered:

Seating – An adjustable height chair, easily stored
Multi-function furniture – shelves, storage
Ergonomics – Monitor riser, foot support, laptop support, portable organisers
Privacy – Headphones, screen filters
Home protection – desk mats, stationery organiser, cleaning
Efficiency – Wireless printer, scanner, network booster, cable management

3. Mobile Workspace - Does your office change location each day?

Working from home is fine for those that have the space, but some don't and go off-site to a coffee shop or library. For those working from a Mobile Workspace we have all the solutions:

Filing – Secure, opaque, files and folders
Tech equipment – Laptop, microsaver security locks, chargers
Privacy – headphones, screen filter, encrypted memory sticks
Workstation – Foldaway desks, lap desks, portable organisers
Environment – Lighting

What needs to be in place for hybrid workers?

• Conduct an ergonomic work assessment of staff at the home
• Do all your staff at home have an extra screen, keyboard, and mouse?
• Do they have a suitable chair?
• Consider the GDPR implications of hybrid working
• Ensure homeworkers follow your environmental/CSR Policy

Our experts at Aston & James are fully trained to offer you the best advice on a range of wellness solutions and products for your workplace. We offer impartial guidance on our innovative range of office furniture, including *FREE DSE assessments, sit-stand desks and the all-important ergonomic chairs. You can even try a chair for free!

Book your free workplace wellness consultation today or you can visit our furniture showroom in Witney.

*One free DSE assessment per customer, further assessments are £35.

**Research source - The World Economic Forum


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