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Meeting & Exhibition

Once you have the basics of a presentation setup, you will need to order some presentation supplies that will help you enhance your presentation. The more you put into your visual display, the better your presentation will be.

Aston & James offers a variety of different films that can be applied blank flipcharts. The products include write on film that can be altered with dry erase markers, copier film that can allow you to photocopy a document onto a plastic transparency, and film that will run through inkjet or laser printers. These items can be excellent for flipchart presentations or transparencies that are shown through an overhead projector. You can also combine multiple films to show an evolving graphic instead of relying on a computer animation.

In addition to having the right tools for the presentation, Aston & James makes sure you have the proper refill products as well. This includes additional cassette tapes for audio or visual recording as well as additional flipchart pads. By stocking up ahead of time, you can be sure that you are always ready to deliver a killer presentation. 

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