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Employees do not like to feel as though they are being constantly observed, and they like turning their desk into their own personal space. Since a building’s layout often makes giving each employee their own office difficult, Aston & James offers another solution in the form of privacy screens. These screens can help give employees their own space and a sense of privacy, which can help to increase morale and productivity.

Aston & James offers office screens of all different sizes and textures. Smaller office screens can be mounted onto workstations to help divide the space between desks while still giving an office an open feel. Larger free standing desk screens can be used to create a cubicle feel that gives employees more privacy and a chance to customise their office area. Different colours can also be chosen to help match your office’s overall colour scheme. Most screens are also textured which will allow memos and light items to be attached to them, be it a simple calendar or important documents.

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