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Aston & James offers other storage that will give you a way to safely and securely keep any supplies you have on hand. We supply multi-drawer cabinets that allow additional file storage to tray units that can organise tools, office supplies, and more.

Some of the storage products offered by Aston & James include bookcases, filing cabinets, and pedestals, shelves, tray units, pigeon hole units, and plastic storage bins. Each storage method has its own special qualities that make it perfect for certain types of office supplies. Adjustable shelves are great if you have something that you want to be easily accessible, tray units are broad and shallow, making for a perfect place to store office stationery and tools and Pigeon holes offer a lot of small spaces to help store individual items for easy retrieval.

For items that you want to put into a more permanent storage while still have easy retrieval access, Aston & James offers large plastic bins. By choosing clear plastic, you can see what is inside even if you have them stacked away in a storage closet. As always, Aston & James provides a wide variety of items to meet your office needs.

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