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Workplace Ergonomics Essentials Workplace Ergonomics Essentials
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Using ergonomic office accessories helps to reduce poor posture and musculoskeletal disorders. 

Wherever you work it’s easy to overlook the available ergonomics. Without a (DSE) Display Screen Equipment assessment it's not easy to know how to set up your workspace correctly. Making simple adjustments and using ergonomic products will ensure your posture is kept in line and your joints supported. This will prevent strain, keep you comfortable and ultimately, more productive.

Our range of inexpensive ergonomic products helps make small changes to the way you work. A wrist and keyboard rest prevent strain on the joints and ligaments. A back support for your chair can help maintain the spine's natural curvature, keeping your posture in line. A footrest can also aid your natural posture by elevating your feet comfortably.

Using a laptop riser ensures your screen is at eye level, helping to maintain the correct seated posture. Also, using a separate keyboard will avoid the unsupported position of the laptop keyboard.

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Q-Connect Ergonomic Wired Keyboard Black KF00779
Q-Connect Gel Mouse Mat Grey KF02213
Q-Connect Scroll Wheel Mouse Black KF04368
Q-Connect Blue Economy Mouse Mat KF04516
Q-Connect Mouse Mat Black KF04517
Q-Connect Super Gel Wristrest Black KF04520
Q-Connect Desktop Easel Copyholder A4 KF04521
Q-Connect Ergonomic Adjustable Footrest Platform Size 540x265mm Black 29200-70
Q-Connect Laptop and LCD Monitor Stand Black KF04553
Q-Connect Monitor Stand with Built In Angled Copyholder Black KF10700
Q-Connect Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Black KF15397
Q-Connect Memory Foam Back Support Black KF15412
Q-Connect Mesh Back Support Black KF15413
Q-Connect Wireless Optical Mouse KF16196
Q-Connect Economy Footrest Tilt Action Platform Size 448x325mm Black KF17981
Q-Connect Footrest with Removable Carpet Black/Silver KF20075
Q-Connect Anti-Slip Footrest Height Adjustable Black/Silver KF20076
Q-Connect Aluminium Laptop Stand Black/Silver KF20077
Q-Connect Plastic Laptop Stand Black KF20078
Q-Connect Monitor/Printer Stand with Storage Drawer Black KF20081
Fellowes Corvisio Sit Stand Workstation Black 8091001
Fellowes Gel Mouse Pad with Microban Protection Chevron 9653401
Fellowes Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest with Microban Protection Chevron 9653601
Fellowes Hylyft Laptop Riser Silver 5010501
3M Black Privacy Filter For Desktops 19in Standard 5:4 PF19.0
3M Black Privacy Filter For Laptops 14.1in Widescreen 16:10 PF14.1W
3M Black Privacy Filter for Desktops 22 Inch Widescreen 16:10 PF22.0W
3M Black Privacy Filter for Desktops 24 Inch Widescreen 16:10 PF24.0W
3M Frameless Anti-Glare Widescreen Filter for Desktops 21.5 Inch 16:9 AG21.5W9
Kensington Memory Foam Seat Cushion Black K55805WW
Kensington Premium Cool Gel Seat Cushion Black K55807WW
Kensington SoleRest Footrest Height and Angle Adjustable Grey 56148
Fellowes Office Suites Laptop Riser Black/Grey 8032006
Fellowes Office Suites Standard Monitor Riser Black/Silver 8031101
Fellowes Professional Series Ultimate Back Support Black 8041801
Fellowes Designer Suites Monitor Riser Black 8038101
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