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10 great reasons to ‘Stick Local’

The events of 2020 have made most of us revaluate what is important

Topics such as climate change, Brexit, travel restrictions etc offer real challenges to businesses and heighten the need for us to reconsider our buying choices. One choice you can make that will provide measurable value is buying from a local company.

Check out our top 10 great reasons to stick local when considering your next purchase.

Boost your local economy

By spending your money with a local business, you boost the local economy, investing in your immediate surroundings, creating local jobs and local wealth.

We are committed to employing local people in our family run business.

Protect your local environment

Choosing to purchase from a local company means less miles travelling, less fuel consumption and in turn less carbon emitted. This all adds to a healthier environment for our staff, family and friends. At Aston & James we are committed to sustainability and actively promote our order consolidation service to reduce the impact on the environment.

Build a sense of local community

Local businesses like Aston & James support local events, charities, clubs and school events. This helps to cement trust and awareness within the local community. If local businesses are thriving, support for community initiatives continues. We are a business that cares and continue to donate to several local initiatives that are close to our hearts

Support Your Neighbour

By choosing to buy local, you help other local people pay their bills and feed their families. Instead of opting for a large, distant corporation, support your neighbour and spend with your local butcher, hairdresser or stationer. During the pandemic, many of us chose to purchase from their local shop supporting local businesses within our community, including us.

A business with a personality

Local businesses like Aston and James are owned and run by local people rather than a large faceless corporation or algorithm. We have an excellent customer service record. We’re always on the end of a phone to chat to and our team consistently work hard to exceed expectations. Meet our friendly and approachable team here.

Great for networking!

Local businesses are excellent at create a support network and build relationships with other local businesses and individuals. This helps to create partnerships with mutual benefits and support. We attend many local networking events and continue to nurture excellent relationships with other businesses in the Oxfordshire region.

Superior quality

Local businesses are more likely to offer quality goods and service to their local consumers as face to face interactions are more common, unlike large corporations that operate solely online. Selling an inferior product leads to complaints, and no local business needs that!

Wider Choice & Flexibility

We know that large retailers offer a wide selection but this selection tends to be chosen by small groups of corporate buyers. Aston & James have the power to handpick our product offering from a wider variety of wholesale suppliers. We also tailor our goods and services to each of our customers unique needs, creating an entirely bespoke service.

Paying local taxes

Local businesses contribute to the wealth of the entire nation by paying their fair share of corporation tax, rent, council tax, income tax and national insurance. Not all corporations can say that, especially those based overseas.

Feel good about your choices

When faced with a multitude of online businesses with claims of the cheapest prices, next day delivery and global goods, you may be tempted to choose these over your friendly local supplier. Before you buy, why not take the time to reconsider and stick local. Give yourself a warm fuzzy feeling inside that you are supporting a local business to survive for all the amazing reasons we’ve mentioned in this blog.

Buying local doesn't mean you'll pay more either!

If you would like to know more about our local business, read our story. Reap the benefits of supporting our local business, open your new customer account or feel free to get in touch and have a chat with one of our friendly team members.

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