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Protect from Strain with Ergonomics Protect from Strain with Ergonomics

Prevent ailments caused by poor posture and repetitive strain by good use of ergonomics

of workers suffer from
back pain

of workers suffer from fatigue

of workers suffer from

Poor computer posture and the effects of sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause a number of aches and strains. There’s no need to suffer. By performing a DSE assessment, you can uncover what exactly is causing strain, invest in products to rectify your working position and stay healthy, happy and pain-free at work.

Look after your 4 zones and they will look after you:

Prevent Back Tension

Don’t be one of the 48% of workers that suffer back pain at a desk. With a back support you can maintain the natural curve of your spine, retain core strength and avoid slouching. You could also try utilising a foot rest to relieve pressure on the lower back.

Avoid Wrist Pressure

Relieve pressure on your wrists by making use of a wrist rest for your mouse and keyboard. Your hands will maintain a more neutral position and avoid any tension caused by typing and scrolling.

Relieve Neck Strain

Maintain a good eye level whilst looking at a screen by utilising a monitor riser. This helps promote good posture as you’ll avoid slouching.

Reduce Inactivity

Incorporate movement into your day by taking regular breaks. Or try a sit stand desk that allows you to alternate between sitting and raising the whole desk to stand whilst working, taking the pressure off your back.

* One FREE DSE Assessment per customer, thereafter assessments will be charged at £35

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Nearly 50% of all workers suffer from back issues

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