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Top tips for Home Workers


As we enter an unprecedented period of social distancing, many companies have sent employees to work from home for the foreseeable future. We realise that some of you have never worked from home before. That’s why we’ve collated a few top tips for you. Working from home can be productive, flexible and satisfying. Here’s how to make it easier!


Structure your day


Whilst it’s tempting to work in your PJ’s with a laptop in front of Netflix, it’s not the most productive way of getting a job done! Instead, make a distinction between your working day and leisure time. Get ready as you usually would for work. Have a shower and get dressed as you would for a normal working day. You’re guaranteed to feel more like work.


Have a designated place to work. It might just be the kitchen table but have everything you need laid out before you start your day. Say to yourself, I’ll work until 10.30 then have a coffee break, just as you usually would in the office. Similarly, make sure you take your full lunch break. Head outside and breathe in some fresh Spring air. Have a walk if you can. It’ll refresh your mind and body ready for the afternoon. Finish work at your usual time and take another walk if you can, so it feels a bit more like the commute. That’ll ensure you separate the working day and arrive home as you would usually.


Take breaks


Just as you would do in the office, make sure you take regular breaks, standing regularly and walking around the house. It’s just as relevant, if not more so to avoid sedentary working whilst at home.


Eat healthily


You may find it easier to eat healthier whilst working from home. Take the opportunity to make something delicious such as soup or salad for your lunch whilst away from the lure of the bacon sandwich or fish and chip shop! Eating fresh food with fruit and vegetables will give your body the nutrients it needs to help strengthen your immune system.


Ergonomic working


In the office, you may have an ergonomic chair, mouse mat or other accessories to keep you comfortable whilst working at a desk. At home, that may not be possible. That’s why it’s essential to improvise at home. Use cushions to prop up your back and books to lift up your monitor to the correct height. If you’re using a laptop, make sure it’s for short periods of time to reduce pressure on your eyes, wrists and back. Consider your posture too. Stretch often and take phone calls standing up to alternate between sitting and standing. If you need supplies for home working, then order online and we’ll send them direct to your home.



Keep documents secure


The risk of a data breach is still present when you work from home. Most companies will allow you access to a secure server to log into, but make sure you keep any private printed documents stored safely, and clear or file away once the working day has finished. Keep any documents that you would have shredded at work in a safe place ready for shredding. Our secure shredding service can collect from your home. Call us for more details on this service.



Avoid feeling isolated


It’s easy to feel lonely whilst working on your own at home, especially if you’re used to a busy office environment. To avoid the feeling of isolation, utilise video calls to colleagues, pick up the phone to catch up with a friend or relative or even check on a neighbour for a chat.


Get some exercise


It’s easy to get out of the habit of exercise when you’re working at home. Your gym or pool may have closed temporarily, or team games may have ceased for the time being. Instead, why not get on your bike, take up jogging or even do a fitness video online? Keeping up with exercise is vital to keep both body and mind healthy, especially in times of isolation.


And if the kids are around…


With the schools off, it’s going to be a challenge for many of us to work and keep the kids occupied. Our advice is, simply work when you can. Early in the morning, once they kids have gone to bed. Put on a film in the afternoon for them to watch so you can catch an hour or two of quiet working.


To cheer you up!


Stock up on the biscuits or good coffee and treat yourself to a reward at the end of the day.



If you need any assistance or supplies to keep you going whilst home working. We’re still delivering, and ready to help you continue working however we can.

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